How we work

This is the process we follow
to ensure a successfull project

Your idea:

We start our process understanding your idea, what you want it to do, what you expect from it and how we can help you improve your idea.


This is where we document how your idea will be built, everything that is going to be implemented and when the task will be delivered to you.

App Flow:

Here is where we set the behaviour of the application; how are the app users going to use it.


After the previous steps we can then proceed to design the look and feel of your application so that you know what to expect from us.


This is the stage where your idea comes to life, with great standards to ensure your application works great and that the code is easy to understand


Your application has come to life and now we must make sure every time we add new functionality everything keeps working correctly.
The application will be sent to an online server to be tested as if it was the final version.


Now it's time to deploy your application so everyone can use it!


Over time, applications need to be upgraded to up to date versions or need more improvements.

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The Team

Esteban Echeverry
Esteban profile large
Project Manager & Front-End Developer

Planning, SEO, User Experience, Responsive Design, JavaScript and React

Jhon J. Muñoz
Jairo profile large
Back-End Developer

Database Modeler, Controllers, React, Integrations and Deployments

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